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Excavation of the 3,year-old Edgewater Park Site When American Indians first cât câștigă cherkasy pe casa 2 in what is now Iowa more than 13, years ago, they were hunters and gatherers living in a Pleistocene glacial landscape.

By the time European explorers and traders visited Iowa, American Indians were largely settled farmers with complex economic, social, and political systems.

This transformation happened gradually. During the Archaic period 10, to 2, years agoAmerican Indians adapted to local environments and ecosystems, slowly becoming more sedentary as populations increased.

The subsequent Woodland period saw an increased reliance on agriculture and social complexity, with increased use of mounds, ceramics, and cât câștigă cherkasy pe casa 2 subsistence. During the Late Prehistoric period beginning about AD increased use of maize and social changes led to social flourishing and nucleated settlements. There were numerous Indian tribes living in Iowa at the time of early European exploration.

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Tribes which arrived in Iowa in the late prehistoric or protohistoric periods include the IlliniwekMeskwakiOmahaand Sauk. The French, before their impending defeat in the French and Indian Wartransferred ownership to their ally, Spain. The Sauk and Meskwaki effectively controlled trade on the Mississippi in the late 18th century and early 19th century.

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The Indiana Territory was created in to exercise jurisdiction over this portion of the District; William Henry Harrison was its first governor. Much of Iowa was mapped by Zebulon Pike in[58] but it was not until the construction of Fort Madison in that the U. Black Hawk took part in the siege of Fort Madison. This poorly situated stockade was similarly attacked by hundreds of Indigenous people inbut was successfully defended and later abandoned until settlers returned to the area in the mids.

In the Iowa Legislature passed an unprecedented act allowing the Meskawki to purchase the land.

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Congress established the Territory of Iowa. President Martin Van Buren appointed Robert Lucas governor of the territory, which at the time had 22 counties and a population of 23, Polk signed Iowa's admission bill into law. Once admitted to the Union, the state's boundary issues resolved, and most of its land purchased from Natives, Iowa set its direction to development and organized campaigns for settlers and investors, boasting the young frontier state's rich farmlands, fine citizens, free and open society, and good government.

The first and second Iowa State Fairs were held in the more developed eastern part of the state at Fairfield.

Thereafter, the fair moved to locations closer to the center of the state and in found a permanent home in Des Moines.

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Iowa sent large supplies of food to the armies and the eastern cities. Kirkwoodits first wartime governor.

Of a total population ofaboutmen were subjected to military duty. Iowa contributed proportionately more men to Civil War military service than did any other state, north or south, sending more than 75, volunteers to the armed forces, over one-sixth of whom were killed before the Confederates surrendered at Appomattox. Many died and were buried at Andersonville.

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Twenty-seven Iowans have been awarded the Medal of Honorthe highest military decoration awarded by the United States government, which was first awarded in the Civil War. CurtisFrancis J. Herronand Frederick Steele —and saw many of its generals go on to state and national prominence following the war. For farmers, the change was significant.

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Since the beginning of the war inIowa farmers had experienced economic prosperity, which lasted until the end of the war. Beginning with the first industries developed in the s, [85] which were mainly for processing materials grown in the area, [86] Iowa has experienced a gradual increase in the number of business and manufacturing operations.

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Depression, World War II and manufacturing, —[ edit ] The transition from an agricultural economy to a mixed economy happened slowly. The Great Depression and World War II accelerated the shift away from smallholder farming to larger farms, and began a trend of urbanization. The period after World War II witnessed a particular increase in manufacturing operations.

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By the early 21st century, it was characterized by a mix of manufacturing, biotechnology, finance and insurance services, and government services.